What is the qualification and cut-off for 90k?

OOTYULTRA is a tough race due to its steep climbs and downhill terrain. Added this challenge you will be facing the sharp winter month sun during the day time. Most first-time runners may find it extremely difficult to run. Hill running, in general, can be very technical and challenging but through experience one can gain mastery. Considering the above, OOTYULTRA has set minimum qualification conditions for participation.

The cut-off time to finish the 90k is 12:00 hrs to finish, 8 hrs 30 mins at 60k.  There is no cut-off at the 15k and 30k for the 90k runners.

  • This event category is only by invitation
  • Runners who have completed the past editions (this is subject to change, watch the official qualification announcements after the registration opens) of OOTYULTRA in sub 7 hr 45 min directly qualify
  • Other ultra runners who are interested must write to info@ootyultra.com with your expression of interest to run while attaching your ultramarathon credentials.

All your qualification races must have been run after 1-Aug. If you decide to run your qualification race after registering for the OOTYULTRA, you are allowed to submit the qualification race records on or before 1-Mar. 

IMPORTANT –> Your registration will not be confirmed if your timing qualifications do not meet the standards. No refund will be provided if you do not qualify. All the participants must be fit, healthy, and must be running regularly.