a. How can I use the refund credit code sent to me on this virtual running event?

All the OOTYULTRA 2020 runners had received a refund credit code sent along with the refund credit email. The refund credit codes were pre-loaded with a certain amount (equivalent to 30% of your OOTYULTRA 2020 entry ticket price) due to the cancellation of the event.

KaysFIT Academy, the organizers have decided to enhance the refund credit value and provide you with a 100% free entry to the Spirit of Ultramalaivasi Virtual run in the same distance category if you register before 28-Feb-2021*

* The virtual run ticket prices are set to be increased from 1-Mar-2021

Your refund credit code is now pre-loaded with the full ticket launch price given below. This amount is valid only for this virtual running event. Please understand the conditions listed below.

Your 2020 registered category –>15k30k60k90k
Refund credit code preloaded value for the 2021 virtual run –>Rs. 1295Rs. 1410Rs. 1540Rs. 1650

The following conditions apply,

  • The refund credit code can be used to purchase your virtual run entry ticket
  • The refund credit code can be used only once
  • Your refund credit code MUST BE USED only on the same race category that of your OOTYULTRA 2020.
  • Any changes to the distance category can be done only after your re-registration in the same category (ex. you have registered for 30k in 2020 and want to run 60k OOTYULTRA 2021, first register in 30k and write to info@ootyultra.com for an upgrade or downgrade.
  • All category upgrades are priced at Rs. 400+18% GST.
  • The virtual run ticket prices are set to be increased from 1-Mar-2021. Complete your registration before this time window to get a 100% ticket entry waiver. After this date, you will have to pay the difference amount.