GavaTea OOTYULTRA Title Sponsor

On this beautiful Christmas day, we are delighted to announce GavaTea as the Title Sponsor for the OOTYULTRA 2020, the third edition. OOTYULTRA 2020 will be GavaTea OOTYULTRA 2020.

KaysFITAcademy believes in the mission to bring the most beautiful experience to all the runners through OOTYULTRA and all the other running events that it is associated with. Since 2018, OOTYULTRA has been continuously re-discovering itself every single year. We continue to partner and build relationships with anyone who admires ultramarathon and has a mission to care for the runners.

We connect very well when the partners are passionate about their work, product, or service, with the most thorough commitment to continually change and evolve.

A few months ago, in close interaction with the Olesja Ossipenko & Gokul Raaj, the GavaTea founders, and a beautiful couple, we learned about their love for ultramarathons and an incredible story behind the GavaTea brand.

Our interactions immediately moved to the next level and were brewing during the last few weeks to build a partnership. We finally struck a lovely connection to deliver the GavaTea OOTYULTRA 2020 with a sincere commitment. We together will enhance the best flavors of the OOTYULTRA to the #ultramalaivasi runners.

Please join us in welcoming GavaTea to be part of the OOTYULTRA family. You will also get an opportunity to interact with them and their products at the expo on the 4-Apr-2020.

Read more about GavaTea, our Title Sponsor, and their beautiful story here… (interesting story about how GavaTea founders learned about OOTYULTRA)

Happy Christmas to you and our wishes for a wonderful holiday season

#coachkay, Founder & Race Director, OOTYULTRA