Phoenix Runners OOTYULTRA Volunteering Partner

GavaTea Ootyultra welcomes Phoenix runners, Coimbatore to be the volunteers for the 3rd edition of the OOTYULTRA.

I want to thank Ganesh Sivakumar, the founder of the Phoenix Runners, for extending his team’s support. I’m also delighted to introduce the Phoneix Runners inspiring story through this post.

Ganesh is a notable businessman from Coimbatore, started Phoenix Runners in 2003. He started running to overcome the stress factors associated with working and managing his business. He had the belief that if anyone can run 10km, then the person was considered to be fit and healthy. Soon many like-minded people joined the club.

The Phoenix Runners’ objective is promoting “medicine-free” living. This group has steadily progressed over many years has more than 100 members actively training every day. More than 25 members have stopped taking medicines after they joined the group, and this list is growing. The group trains inside the Nehru Stadium every day.

Phoenix Annual run is quite a popular competition organized for all the members. The event recognizes the top 15 finishers every year. The oldest member in this group is a 93-year-old Devarajan who himself is a very active and inspiring runner.

Kalaimani is a very popular woman athlete from Phoenix runners and a recipient of several podium finishes. She was recently crowned as the “கோவையின் பெருமை மிக்க பெண்மணி” (Coimbatore’s proud women) for her achievements.

Please join us in wishing the inspiring Phoenix Runners club a great success on their mission.

If you are an #ultramalaivasi runner, do remember to interact with the Phoenix Runners at the expo on the 4-Apr. Also, wave and have a cool chat with them on the OOTYULTRA course.

#coachkay, Founder/Race Director, OOTYULTRA