42kmstores OOTYULTRA Co-Sponsor

GavaTea Ootyultra is proud to announce our co-sponsor and apparel partner, 42KM. 42KM is the newest kid in the block in sports merchandise and is run by a group of energetic young entrepreneurs. We are also excited to bring you a beautifully designed, official t-shirt for OOTYULTRA 2020. Stay tuned for further updates!

A message from 42km store founders!

At 42KM, we are excited about this association and look forward to ‘running’ this journey with OOTYULTRA and its founder/race director, Coach Kay. The brand 42KM resonates with and complements OOTYULTRA in what we believe and deliver.

OOTYULTRA pushes runners to achieve their maximum potential, and 42KM intends to support each one of them with high-quality performance activewear for the energetic workout they’ll have to endure during the marathon, as well as keep them comfortable for their victorious evening afterward.

Our brand name, 42KM, signifies what we stand for and how we believe that running can genuinely benefit one’s life. Our vision is to inspire everyone to run by enhancing their experience with our high-quality, runner-friendly apparel and accessories that are affordable and accessible.

About the 42KM founders

Abinesh KG and Gowtham co-founded 42KM in 2018. Aside from being a runner, Abinesh is a budding businessman in the textile industry. He is also the product manager for 42KM. Gowtham is the business manager for 42 KM. He is a branding and marketing consultant and an aspiring entrepreneur and has experience working for multiple leading companies

I’m delighted to announce that this marks only the beginning of many more exciting projects we intend to engage with 42KM in the future!

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