Twin Birds OOTYULTRA Registration

The registration for the 5th edition of Twin Birds OOTYULTRA 2022 is scheduled on 3-Apr-2022, Sunday.

The registration will start on 1-Dec-2021

Dear OOTYULTRA runner!

OOTYULTRA originally started as a training run for a few aspiring Comrades marathon runners in Ooty. Over the years it has been growing as one of the most beautiful running events that provide a challenging yet memorable racing experience to runners across the world.

Since its first edition, OOTYULTRA is loved by recreational runners and serious ultramarathoners for its uniqueness and has grown in multiple folds. OOTYULTRA also takes pride in promoting marathon tourism in the most enchanting Nilgiris District. Our crew and volunteers strive to provide a “wow” experience to the runners, whether it is a physical or a virtual event, at the same time offering the best value for the association to sponsors & partners.

We are extremely delighted to have Twin Birds as our official Title Sponsor for the 5th edition (see announcement)

Happy running & training for your #ultramalaivasi experience!

Coach Kay, Founder & Race Director, OOTYULTRA

Registration instructions

  • The 90k is only on invitation basis & if you are interested in running the 90k – follow this page to submit your application
  • Read the FAQs section to learn more about the event & under stand the event Rules, Terms, and Conditions
  • 60k & 90k categories have strict qualification requirements
  • The last date of registering for the OOTYULTRA will be 28-Feb-2022, we may close the registration before this date if we reach the max registration count.
  • Write to info@ootyultra.com questions or use the messenger chat button to chat with us if you have any queries

OOTYULTRA 2020 returning runners

  • If you have not used your refund code for OOTYULTRA 2021 Virtual Edition or Bison Ultra 2021 you can use your refund credit code as a discount code to register your ticket (same category of 2020 or lower distances).
  • Only one discount code per ticket can be used
  • Write to info@ootyultra.com if you have any issues

Registration fees

Indian Citizens
(registering on or before 15-Feb)
Rs.1300/-Rs. 1950/-Rs. 2500/-Rs. 3500/-
Nilgiri District ResidentsRs. 1100/-Rs. 1750/-Rs. 2300/-Rs. 3300/-
A limited number of charity tickets
(from 15-Feb to 28-Feb)
Rs. 1800/-Rs. 2500/-Rs. 3100/-Rs. 4100/-
Foreign CitizensRs. 1800/-Rs. 2450/-Rs. 2900/-Rs. 4000/-
All ticket prices will attract 18% GST + applicable card & platform charges

Rs. 500/- from the Charity Ticket will be contributed to building sporting facility/infrastructure in The Nilgiris

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