OOTYULTRA Registration

Up for the challenge?

OOTYULTRA is one of the toughest road races. 
Choose your challenge and run 15k | 30k | 60k | 90k.
Virtually anywhere this year between 27th Mar to 4th Apr, 2021.

Why run at GavaTea OOTYULTRA 2021?

 Your running need not take a break this year even though a lot of other things have.
In fact, run and enjoy these beautiful rewards:

  • A 4-inch diameter, unique laser-cut custom medal with your name cut on it
  • A super impressive T-shirt and goodie bag worth Rs 2,500*. Know more
  • Become an UltraMalaivasi, a symbol of grit and endurance.

All you have to do is click below to register and let the countdown begin! Registration ends on 3rd April, 2021.

Registration details

When to register?

Registration is open until 3rd April, 2021. Sign up on HDOR, the virtual running platform, to register. 

2020 returning runners

If you registered last year, use your refund credit code and pay a flat fee of Rs 350*.

International runners

You can register too for a flat fee of $60. Groups with over 10 runners can enjoy $8 off per ticket.

Group registration

For Indian runners, groups over 10 will receive a flat Rs. 180 off on the ticket price.

Registration fees

15k – Rs 1,295
30k – Rs 1,410
60k – Rs 1,540
90k – Rs 1,650

*Note: Includes 18% GST & courier charges

Goodies & rewards

Finish the run in a single attempt & get this beautiful 4” laser-cut medal with your name & distance in it

Everyone who signs up for OOTYULTRA 2021 will receive Rs. 2500* worth goodies

  • A beautiful #ultramalaivasi anytime-wear T-Shirt worth Rs 500
  • A comfortable Capri (for all women runners) from Twin Bird worth Rs 379 to Rs 429
  • Whey protein starter pack from Food Strong worth Rs 300 + 35% discount at Foodstrong online store
  • A 200g Beeswax soap from Lastforest worth Rs 50 + top finishers win a bottle of Wild Honey & Wintergreen Balm
  • A pack of premium Organic Black tea worth Rs 320-400 from GavaTea
  • Authentic Cooking Masalas from Thillais worth Rs 300
  • Revitalize & Reload samples from Fast & Up + Rs 200 off coupon on their online store
  • 20% discount on 1st visit to Heilsa Sports Performance and Rehab Center + surprise discount for buying products in the online store

Virtual Run—What’s that?!

The COVID-19 pandemic has literally shut down all sporting events and the 3rd edition of the OOTYULTRA was postponed and eventually canceled. Conducting the regular OOTYULTRA marathon in April 2021 is not feasible at this time.

Unlike a regular run, a Virtual Run means you can run anywhere, and whenever you want between 1st & 4th April. Just ensure you are running in a safe place—whether you are running solo or with friends.

The prime idea behind this virtual run is to unite the OOTYULTRA running fans across the world through the spirit of running and at the same time provide greater value through the product & services engagement opportunities to the sponsors and partners.

In a real race, your start and finish time will be recorded with the help of the RFID tags attached to your BIB. But in a virtual run, you are expected to record your running data using a GPS watch or using a running tracking application on your GPS enabled phone like Strava, MapMyRun, or Garmin. So don’t forget to connect it to the HDOR platform. 

Important details

  1. Qualification & cut off timings: 

    There is no qualification time required to participate the virtual run. OOTYULTRA 2021 will not have any cut off time to finish. To earn your custom finisher medal, you must record and report (on our official virtual platform) your distance category in ONE SINGLE ATTEMPT.

  2. Multiple distance categories:

    You can choose more than one category for registration. A flat discount of Rs. 350 is applied to each category that you choose. All the category runs must be separately completed and you can not combine them in one single run attempt. For example: If you choose to run 15k & 30k, you must report 2 different activities within the 4 days event window (27th March to 4th April 2021). Only one goodie bag with 1 T-Shirt will be sent to your address. The individual category medals will be sent to you upon verification of the running records on our HDOR virtual platform.

  3. Receiving goodies:

    We will start shipping the goodie bags from 27th of April onwards. Do note, only those who run in a single attempt will be eligible to receive the medal. We will rely on the data reporting by HDOR to verify the run details. Kindly ensure the HDOR platform tracks your run data.

  4. Using last year’s Refund credit code:

    If you had registered for OOTYULTRA 2020, you would have received a ‘Refund Credit’ code on your email ID. Use it in the ‘Discount Code’ section while registering and enjoy a discounted rate of Rs 350. This is only available for OOTYULTRA 2021 registrations. It will not be valid for next year’s run.

  5. New to the virtual HDOR platform?

    Get well-versed with using a virtual platform to track your running with this easy guide. All your questions have been answered here.

  6. Facing issues?

    After you complete your registration, you will receive an email confirmation with the ticket & the receipt. Write to info@hdor.com if you have any questions related to the HDOR platform. For any other queries, write to us at info@ootyultra.com.

We have answered all ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ in our FAQ section. You can visit it here.