To bring a beautiful and trusted running event demands the ability to bring good into the world of running, however small it is. OOTYUTLRA began to help a few ultramarathon aspiring runners with plenty of optimism to scale up. Over the past years, it has been transforming into providing layers of beautiful experiences for ultra experience seekers across all age groups from all over the world through its 15k, 30k, 60k & 90k event categories.

For the runners, OOTYULTRA is a package with challenges, ultra enduring possibilities, and a running event that would provide utmost satisfaction whether you finish it or not. The process of completing every uphill or a downhill section is a journey by itself, offering a grand sense of accomplishment for runners who also admire the beauty of the gift of nature.

Yes, passion drove me to create OOTYULTRA. As a founder and the race director of this mountain ultramarathon, engaging and partnering with the right kind of brands, partners, and people is vital for completing this experience.

An event of this scale can only be completed with dedication and support from passionate and experienced people working behind the scenes.

I want to present my support crew for the OOTYULTRA 2020 edition.

Coach Kay,

Founder & Race Director OOTYULTRA, Bison Ultra

Founder, running coach KaysFIT Academy

OOTYULTRA Third Edition

Srikrishna Vaidyalingam


As a runner and someone with in-depth knowledge of event management & logistics planning, Srikrishna has been a pillar of support and a trusted advisor for the OOTYULTRA. Srikrishna is known for his deep sense of humour and acts as a source of motivation and strength to the entire OOTYULTRA crew.

OOTYULTRA edition(s): 2018, 2020

Vasu Venkat


Vasu, an advocate by avocation, has a passion to volunteer in running events. He shows his friendly face especially in nook corners of hill ultra runs be it Kolli Hills, Yercaud or in Ooty. No runner can get past him without being pampered by his warm affection, hospitality and friendly motivational shout. He has developed his interest in the logistics arrangement of Ultramarathon events. Vasu has been a pillar of support for OOTYULTRA, and he handles the runners on-route provides the best experience and logistics support.

OOTYULTRA edition(s): 2018, 2019, 2020

Subhash Kumar


Subhash is exceptionally committed and resourceful. With his ready-to-do-anything-anytime-any work attitude lifts plenty of heavy lifting with the event day arrangements. With his bright smile and soldier-like-attitude, he brings in the best charm to the event.

OOTYULTRA edition(s): 2018, 2019, 2020

Meera Kannan


Meera Kannan, wife of Coach Kay, and the source of motivation behind OOTYULTRAs development. She is the top cheerleader for the entire OOTYULTRA family and derives much happiness from supporting and encouraging all the adventure KaysFIT Academy embarks. She is also an important critic and has provided an immense contribution in shaping up the event design and planning.

OOTYULTRA edition(s): 2018, 2019, 2020

Anand Adkoli


Anand retired in 2008 after spending 22 years in the International Software Industry. He is internalising how nature is at the very heart of everything and strongly believes that Science & Technology, actually, the modern world itself, is leading our species to extinction in the next few generations. He enjoys running on trails and is the Race Director of The Malnad Ultra

OOTYULTRA edition(s): 2020

Brijesh Gajera


Brijesh Gajera is an impressive Sub 3 full marathoner, a running coach & a co-founder of Ashva Running Club and also one of the Run Managers for The Malnad Ultra. Brijesh is an avid outdoor enthusiast and loves photography, poetry, traveling and exploring nature. Weirdly he is obsessed with number 13!

OOTYULTRA edition(s): 2020

Aditya Kannan


Aditya, son of Coach Kay & Meera Kannan, is a teenager with a keen eye for creativity and out of the box thinking abilities. He regularly contributes to content, provides editorial support, creative design, provides his unique ideas and constructive criticism. He has immensely helped in the development of the OOTYULTRA brand image and the visual themes.

OOTYULTRA edition(s): 2020 2018, 2019, 2020

Coach Kay


Kay strives on runners safety, the overall quality of experience and the comfort right ahead of the event objectives. Kay enjoys managing the complexities and challenges an ultramarathon event has to offer and works passionately to identify every last bit of detail to provide a memorable experience for the runners. Kay values the relationship with all the stakeholders in this event and considers an ultramarathon like this to bring in benefits to the running community, development of sports in the mountains & its surroundings, the tourism in the Nilgiris mountains, the sponsors/partners and everyone associated with the event.

In The Past

Sriram Venkat


Sriram holds a key business leadership position in a large healthcare Company. He is an avid amateur historian, reader and traveller — treks in the Himalayas at least once a year. A fitness-focused person himself has come forward to help make the OOTYULTRA, the success that it deserves to be. Sriram provides strategic advice and support for the event.

OOTYULTRA edition(s): 2019