Welcoming Qua Nutrition, Our Nutrition Advisor

KaysFITAcademy believes in the mission to bring the most beautiful experience to all the runners through OOTYULTRA and all the other running events that it is associated with. Since 2018, OOTYULTRA has been continuously re-discovering itself every single year. We continue to partner and build relationships with anyone who admires ultramarathon and has a mission to care for the runners. – Coach Kay, Founder & Race Director, OOTYULTRA & Bison Ultra

Welcoming Qua Nutrition as our Nutrition Advisor!!

We are proud and delighted to announce this exciting partnership with Qua Nutrition, with a leading chain of nutrition clinics in India, to bring the best Nutrition (focus on health and improving performance) to the Academy #fitsians, OOTYULTRA & Bison Ultra #ultramalaivasi Runners.   Understanding nutrition correctly has been a challenge for those keen on losing weight, leading a healthy life, or improving their sports performance.  With Qua Nutrition on board, you can now expect a lot more in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, continue to smile and be happy running!! & we continue to bring you the best running experience!

#coachkay, Founder & Race Director, OOTYULTRA | Bison Ultra | KaysFIT Academy

About the association

“We at QUA Nutrition are delighted to announce our association with KaysFIT Academy. We are excited to have this opportunity to bring in our expertise in the domain of nutrition for the benefit of all.

Our ideologies and principles align with Coach Kay’s vision of science and logical reasoning in exercise, fitness, and running.

QUA Nutrition is celebrating its 10th year in service of changing the way people eat and incorporating science in every bite.

We have worked with India’s top athletes and celebrities in helping them achieve their peak performance via nutrition.

Our passion is to change how you look at the food to discover your lethal best. We are now bringing these science and nutrition secrets to all the OOTYULTRA & Bison Ultra participants through our association with KaysFIT Academy.

We are looking forward to our association.”

Ryan Fernando, Chief Nutritionist

QUA Nutrition

About Qua

QUA Nutrition is one of India’s leading chains of nutrition clinics with over 50 dietitians. Qua Nutrition has made Nutritional Counselling a specialization customized to each person’s diet and needs. We have served over 10000 athletes spanning 18+ sports, the top athletes in the country as a former and current medalist, participants and probable in the Olympics, Commonwealth, Asiad, Extreme Human Endurance

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