OOTYULTRA 2021 & more

It gives me immense pleasure to write to you on this very special day. KaysFIT Academy has turned 4 and we’ll be stepping into the 5th year! I’m very happy to provide you with a couple of important updates regarding OOTYULTRA & Bison Ultra.


COVID-19 has separated all of us physically but it is exciting to realize that the spirit of running still remains to tie us together, and we’ve developed the art of dancing to the tune of the pandemic. I trust you, your family and friends are safe and doing great!


Personally, I’ve never appreciated the idea of a virtual OOTYULTRA, and I believe there is really nothing that can replace the immensely beautiful (and challenging) experience of running – especially in the mountains of the Nilgiris. Having the OOTYULTRA 2021 on-location in Ooty would be amazingly ideal, but the medical risks associated with traveling during the pandemic continue to exist even if we have permission to conduct the event. I believe it’s right to consider conducting a large physical event if and only when the threat of the virus has diminished to the point that no threat is posed or the runners & the volunteers.

After a lot of deliberation and interactions with our sponsors, partners and many OOTYULTRA well-wishers,  we’ve decided to come up with a format of running which can provide our members a unique opportunity to run an ultramarathon right at their backyard or anywhere else where they can travel to – in a manner that is safe and risk-free.

The Spirit of #Ultramalaivasi Virtual Run, our new event, will be conducted between 1st to 4th of April, 2021 in place of OOTYULTRA! The registrations for this event will begin from the 1st of Jan, 2021.

The OOTYULTRA crew is deliberating this idea and already talking to the event sponsors and partners to provide the best possible experience for all the #ultramalaivasi runners.  I’ll be happy to share an update regarding the format of the event in the coming weeks.  If you have originally registered for the GavaTea OOTYULTRA 2020 you will get an opportunity to use the refund credit code sent to you for completing your registration for the virtual run.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the format of the virtual run, our sponsors / partners introductions, and details of this event in the coming weeks.

Bison Ultra 2021, 7-Feb-2021, Sunday, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

The first edition of the Bison Ultra was conducted with overwhelming success on the 9-Feb-2020 (see pictures here).  With just 40+ runners covering 20k and 45k distances, the trail ultra is set up in the beautiful hills of Yercaud and inside the lush MSP coffee plantations which are off bound for public access usually.

Bison Ultra 2021 is tentatively scheduled on the 7-Feb-2021, Sunday.  I’m happy to say we will be likely to start the registration on the 15th of December.  Like last year, this year’s event will also host a similar number of participants or even lesser.

You can reply to this email and express your interest to participate in the Bison Ultra 2021.  First preference will be given to family members (up to 3) or a group of friends who can stay in the same room.  The distance category will be 25k and, we may consider upgrading the distance to a longer distance depending on the opportunity for us to scale up.  More details regarding the registration process will be shared in the coming weeks.

I encourage you to follow the OOTYLTRA | Bison Ultra Facebook | OOTYULTRA | Bison Ultra Instagram pages and stay tuned for further updates.

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Signing off for now,

Cheers & stay safe!!

Coach Kay,

Founder & ultramarathon coach, KaysFIT Academy

Founder & Race Director OOTYULTRA & Bison Ultra