OOTYULTRA 2020 postponed

OOTYULTRA 2020 Postponed

GavaTea OOTYULTRA Postponed, A Message From The Race Director

In the wake of the COVID-19 and the associated travel/health risks for the runners and our volunteers, we have decided to postpone GavaTea OOTYULTRA 2020 to a future date. Please note that our primary concern has always been the comfort, health, and safety of all our runners.

Our team has been working on full swing to bring you the best #ultramalaivasi experience since we launched the campaign in October. The decision to postpone has been a tough one, considering that the GavaTea OOTYULTRA is just 23 days to go.

We had decided to make this announcement today to help you with your travel plans, after carefully assessing the situation around the Coronavirus, and after receiving the directions from the government medical authorities. More than 900+ OOTYULTRA runners are traveling from outside of Ooty to run the race this year.

. Your registration money will be safe with us, and you will have an opportunity to come and experience the OOTYULTRA whenever we have a clearance to conduct this event. We will carefully choose the best alternative date in the latter part of the year once the situation is safe & conducive to organize OOTYULTRA.

I had a meeting with our hospitality partner Preethi Hotels and, I’m glad to say they had committed to help with the postponement of those who had a reservation with them.

Please feel free to write to info@ootyultra.com if you have any further questions.

Lastly, join me in praying for everyone’s safety. I request you to follow the safety precautions published by the health authorities and stay safe.

Cheers & happy running, Coach Kay, Founder/Race Director, OOTYULTRA

Ultramarathon Coach, KaysFIT Academy

{UPDATED on 14-Mar-2020}

“The GavaTea OOTYULTRA is postponed to a future date.”

Since we made this official announcement on 12-Mar-2020, our team has received many encouraging and appreciative emails about this decision, and the words of approval we received were quite heartening. We were also thrilled to see many runners who had missed the registration had expressed the desire to find an opportunity to participate.

Not unexpectedly, many runners complained that they made losses by canceling their travel and hotel reservation, and insisted that OOTYULTRA was somehow responsible for compensating them. It must be stressed that neither the OOTYULTRA team nor any of the runners are accountable for these completely unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances.

We have compiled an FAQ based on the emails we have received to help you understand the event rules and our stance better.

Q: Is The 2020 OOTYULTRA Canceled?

The OOTYULTRA 2020 has been postponed to a future date and not canceled.

Q. Has OOTYULTRA Finalized The New Dates?

We are already thinking about the best alternative time to host this event this year. The new dates will be finalized after the Coronovirus threat dies down, and we receive clearance from the Nilgiris District administration. It must also be a time when it is not the rainy season in Ooty. Tentatively, we will be looking at a few dates between September to December 2020. We will certainly provide adequate time for you to plan for your travel & training.

Q. Will I Get A Refund For My Tickets?

Every participant of the OOTYULTRA was required to accept our terms and conditions when they bought a ticket. While it states that tickets cannot be canceled, participants have the provision to transferable them to someone else during the prescribed ticket-transfer window published on the website. We’ll take this opportunity to remind all runners to reread the terms and conditions.

Rest assured, the OOTYULTRA crew, sponsors, and partners have pledged to conduct this event at a future date in 2020, whenever we determine that the pandemic threat has passed. Do note that our hospitality partner, Preethi Hotels, has committed to holding your reservations for the new dates.

This is the best that we can do at this time in the interest of everyone connected to our event.

Q: Will OOTYULTRA Increase The Registration Count Now?

No, OOTYULTRA registration has ended, and we will not increase the registration count.

Q: The New Date May Not Suit Me, What Can I Do In That Case?

In light of this situation, the ticket transfer window will be reopened immediately. You can request a transfer of your ticket to another qualified runner identified by you.

Q: How Can I Initiate A Transfer?

Write to info@ootyultra.com from your registered email address.

You can transfer the ticket to the same category only (ex. 15k to 15k, 30k to 30k, Protectors to Protectors, Nilgiri District runner to Nilgiri District runner, etc.). Note that after the transfer is complete, the runner can request an upgrade or downgrade if necessary.

Q: Do I Have To Pay A Transfer Fee?

You do not have to pay a transfer fee. However, the personalized medals for some 15k runners are already made. We have to make the medals once again with the new name, and there will be a cost associated with this. Please writ to us to check the status.

Q. I’ve Been Training Sincerely For The OOTYULTRA, What Can I Do Now?

Please follow the recommendations published

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