Our decision regarding GavaTea OOTYULTRA 2020

Dear OOTYULTRA 2020 runners,

Since the successful 2019 edition, we’ve been working hard to create a much improved third edition of the OOTYULTRA. The event was scheduled initially on the 5th of April, 2020, but the pandemic’s strike and its adverse impact on sporting events have called for some difficult and unfortunate decisions – namely, to begin with, the postponement announcement on the 12-Mar-2020, just short of 3 weeks from the scheduled event. A lot of effort was put into it by then since the campaign (and conversely, the preparation) was officially launched in 2019.

Bringing us to today, there isn’t much clarity on what is to happen in the following months with the pandemic. We lack the approval to conduct any public sporting events considering the intensity of the COVID-19.

With profound regret, we have decided to cancel the GavaTea OOTYULTRA 2020. Postponing our event was hard, but arriving at the decision to cancel it was even harder – not just to me, but also to the entire OOTYULTRA team.

Regarding the terms of the cancellation:

As per the event terms & conditions, your ticket is non-refundable during a force majeure situation. A lot of expenses are already incurred, and GST on all your payments are already paid to the Government.

However, we are very sensitive to the condition of our runners. We have decided to give you back 30% refund credits after deducting GST, charity contributions (applicable for charity tickets), and online card transaction amount (if applicable)

  • You can use this credit against your OOTYULTRA registration for the next two editions (ex. 2021 or 2022). You will also have an option to use this credit against Bison Ultra (an ultra-marathon trail running event by KaysFIT Academy in Yercaud) for the next two editions as well (ex. the year 2021 or 2022).
  • You can also use this credit against any fitness & wellness programs offered by KaysFIT Academy before 31-Dec-2021, including marathon/ultramarathon coaching, running workshops, RCF programs (Reconstruct the Running Foundation or Reconstruct the Wellness Foundation), etc.
  • If needed, you may transfer your credits to another person.
  • Lastly, you can authorize us to contribute your credits to a charitable cause within the OOTY & The Nilgiris District. More information on this along an update on the amount already raised through charity tickets will be communicated soon.

Kindly wait for an email confirmation about the exact refund credit amount specific to your registration. It will be sent to your registered email address before the 31st of July, 2020, along with the option to choose how you want to deal with your refund credits.

On behalf of the entire OOTYULTRA crew, I would like to thank our incredible #ultramalaivasi runners, our very understanding and supportive sponsors & partners, and our fabulous team of volunteers. Finally, thank you for your patience and support through these trying times.

Please write to us if you have any further queries at info@ootyultra.com.

Stay safe!