Bhavani Ramamurthi

Bhavani Ramamurthy

Bhavani Ramamurthi narrates her fascinating experience of running both first & second editions, in the 15k category and what makes her run the OOTYULTRA year after year.On 7-Apr-2019, at the finish line, she was extremely happy to share how she managed to barely finish the 15k in 2018 with a time 2:31:25, within closer to the cutoff time, to finishing first among the women runners with an incredible 1:48:58 in the 2nd edition. She also set a new course record in that process.She is a true #ultramalaivasi with a fighting spirit and we wish her best wishes for wonderful health and happiness. Like the energetic Bhavani, are you ready for the #ultramalaivasi experience?, founder/race director, OOTYULRA